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[runescape]Vorkath & Metal Dragons: Further Changes

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Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2018 10:40 pm Reply with quote
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  Following the changes made to Vorkath, alongside Adamant and Rune dragons as detailed in our previous post, we're ready to make some additional changes. Balancing and fine tuning is always a difficult process, but due to the way some of current s work with certain existing monsters and bosses, getting things just right for Vorkath has proved more difficult than we'd had hoped. The below changes should make Vorkath a much more rewarding challenge, as we'd intended.more news on rsorder waitting for you.

  All of the below changes have been hotfixed and are now live in-game.

  The amount of damage a player can deal to Vorkath during the poison-pool phase has been increased.This change will now allow players to deal 50% of their maximum damage during this phase.Vorkath's base defence has been lowered slightly.

  We've noticed at times it can be better to skip attempts at killing Vorkath when defence reducing special attacks fail, due to such a high base defence level. We've lowered this slightly so that whislt defence reducing specials will help reduce the time taken to defeat Vorkath, you can still effectively get the kill without feeling forced to leave.You will now have 2 rolls on Vorkath's standard per kill. This will not include unique items, clue scrolls, Superior dragon bone drops, the two Blue dragonhide drops or the chance of getting Vorki.

  Vorkath's overall standard has been substantially improved.Additional Change [08/01/2018 18:35 GMT] - We've lowered the quantity of certain items dropped in one roll and increased the drop weighting of certain items.This change won't drastically impact the overall gp/hr of killing Vorkath, but will reduce the amount certain items are being introduced into the game.
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