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Shrimp and pasta recipe

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Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2004 11:17 pm Reply with quote
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This is for a shrimp and pasta recipe that I love. I hacked it from my buddy who is a chef who used to serve this when he still had his restruant. It is basically a spicey shrimp pasta in a tomato/olive oil sauce.

So if spicey shrimp pasta sounds like it may be up your alley--try it!

You can make how ever much you want and add or subtract whatever, but you need the tomatos and feta to make it work. Chicken can be substituted for shrimp if you're a cheap ass. If you use chicken, I would boil it and slice or pull it into chucks.

ingredients (per 1 serving);
shrimp (how much you want, cooked and de-tailed/veined/etc) approx 12
fettucini pasta approx 1+" diameter
chipotle peppers in abobe sauce 1 pepper + sauce
onion regular to small sized
roma tomatos (4 per serving)
garlic (either 1 good sized clove minced or a teaspoonful of it minced in oil)
feta cheese crumbled (1 package enough for 4 servings if crumbled well)
olive oil (virgin, whatever)

Remember, this is about what I do for myself (I always eat this alone as my wife won't eat shrimp). This 1 serving is a lot of food (I'm pretty fat).

1. start boiling pasta (stir so it doesn't clump)
2. in a skillet pour olive oil until it's maybe a 4-5 inch diameter (per serving)
3. chop onion into small pieces (as much as you want-I usually use 2 - inch x 4 inch diameter slices per serving)
4. add onion and garlic to oil and place skillett on 6-7 heat setting (if oil is popping, turn it down)
5. add cilantro to onions/oil (I usually give it a decent total dusting/covering)
6. add to skillett 1 "small thumb sized" chipotle pepper cut into small pieces (per serving). (these are usually hot---don't wipe your eyes dumb ass---add more sauce if you like to sweat.
7. Cook your shrimp (boil, microwave, whatever) and add to skillett (I usually add 10-12 decent sized shrimp per serving).
8. cut your roma tomatos into slices throwing away butt ends (4-5 slices per tomato. I usually cut each slice in half-but whatever you want to do is fine. DON'T put in yet though.

your pasta should be nearing completion, dump in strainer, shake it twice, then dump it back into pot to keep it hot.

9. At this point, you may want to add some more oil to your taste. Onions should be soft, cilantro and chipotles should be mixed in there good, and shrimp should be pretty favorful. Try a shrimp to see how spicey it is. If you want it spicier---add more pepper or its sauce now.
10. Now, if you want a slightly thicker sauce, you can add maybe a heaping tablespoonful or so amount of feta cheese in the center of the skillett and cover it with the onions and stuff to warm it better. You will need to stir it once the cheese starts melting or it will burn---so you have to watch it.
11. place a decent amount of fettecini in a bowl or high rimmed plate and sprinkle light amount of feta on top of the pasta.
12. add the roma tomatos to the skillett and stir it up and turn up the heat- stirring until the tomatos are warmed.
13. pour the skillett mixture over the pasta/feta and sprinkle top with a little more feta


This was a $28 dinner at my buddies restruant---its contemporary cuisine! This meal doesn't smell the best (cooked tomatos and feta cheese), but it tastes good. You can garnish with a bread and cheese creation and a glass of wine.

Most people are impressed I make this. Use it to impress someone tonight!

Good luck
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