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learning what we can

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Posted: Tue May 30, 2017 12:09 pm Reply with quote
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Hello there, you clicked on a rabbit hole.

I'm squishy, new here, skateboard gearhead and wannbe designer, LDP, bowls, DH whatever, I love all-around skateboards and thinking the future holds something bright that combines all disaplines into "skateboarding", no divides, one other hobby for a long time has been Drones, I know I know, totally ghey right? But I'm talking fixed-wing (not the multirotors with all the propellers, but think airplane or graceful) drones, and I'm also GenX, a skateboarder, norcal native and pirate.

recreational drones are shredding the skies rad, with a new kinds of axe..the flying wing...I 1st found the parallels between skateboarding and this type of flying when I ran into Charpu, a Spanish x-pro skater (injury) and now a professional drone freestyler. I quickly ran into more and more of us, so many generation X guys, x-skaters or experienced in some sort of shredding, many climbers, surfers, those types, all getting into flying drones...I was one of them, always have been...

So I wanted to share a sick-edit with you guys to show you what I mean (current art-from demo) and let you know we exist out there, jumping fences, finding interesting places to fly, getting yelled at by people, getting kicked off land by the cops, and we lack a park, we lack public funds to help us create a space within the world for our hobby or sport or recreation. I am reminded of the 1980's when I use to skate in the east bay growing up, finding ditches as a kid around Oakland or Sanfran and seeing Natas and the gonz rip, or the random backyard ramps. We had nothing back then, and skaters were so hated, no skating signs everywhere...Well, that's where us drones dudes are right now and some of us are skaters too..anyway, I talk to much and I'll save it for skate gear, I hear you guys are honest and raw so I'm in for a treat..and if yer a old community leader who has made strides for skating, lobbying, or bringing public funds to bare of things like skateparks, I would be glad to hear some advice...

He's me and my buds, slashing up a local spot. This is called FPV (first person view) and it's all shot using a 37inch foam flying wing of our own design and a Foxeer $60 HD camera.

You may go to YouTube to view the video by clicking below...
YouTube Video

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Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 10:57 pm Reply with quote
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You have quite an interesting style of communication with that post lol. I watched the vid. Cool drone cam stuff. Favorite was prob the under the truck flight. Not sure how this post really connects to skateboarding, but I bet you could shoot some sick clips from drone footage. Keep doing the things that you enjoy
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