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Zeppelin Aero Works Helium 95a Superthane wheels are in!

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Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2022 7:17 am Reply with quote
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The 65mm/95a Zeppelin Helium SR Superthane wheels are finally here! Here's a few quick need-to-knows:

- Dimensions are 65mm tall x 59mm wide with a 35mm contact patch.

- Wheels are offset! Add 1" to your truck axle length to find the overall width of your Helium/truck combo.

- They shipped yesterday to SoCal Skateshop, Sk8 Supply, The Dark Slide, and Sidewalk Surfer. Expect them to be on the sites by the end of the week (or so).

- Poured in 95a Superthane, they will feel a little harder (96a to 97a) than typical 95's, but similar grip and slide characteristics. (By the way, I consider a Santa Cruz 95a Bullet from the late '80s to be a "typical 95a", just for comparison; Bones Mini-Cubics feel really slow and soft to me, more like a 90a than a true 95a.)

- Yes, they have cores! (Also makes them feel a little harder/faster than "typical 95's")

- This will be the LAST EVER RUN of these wheels in Superthane! The extreme width of the wheel is just not compatible with this formula; air bubbles get trapped in the back side of the profile while they're hardening due to the fast cure speeds, leading to a higher-than-usual reject rate. If you want these in Superthane, get 'em fast! Only 86 sets made...!!! (Plus 15 sets of blems with the air bubbles, reserved for team riders and destructive R&D)

- We are currently R&Ding future formulas for these. We will choose one shortly; we have already been advised they will be less expensive than the Superthane versions. Expect them to feel closer to a "traditional 95a".

- Price came in less than expected! Retail price on these: $69.60

Questions? Hit me!

Bud Stratford
Laura Richards
Zeppelin Aero Works
2935 W Clarendon Ave, Suite B
Phoenix, AZ 85017

Facebook: Zeppelin Aero Works
Instagram: zeppelinaeroworks

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